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For warranty questions, please refer to our Warranty Details page.
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We stand behind our products with industry-leading warranties against structural, surface and cosmetic defects. Our AcrylX TM units are covered by a limited lifetime residential warranty and 30-year commercial warranty.
Options must be factory installed on your product, such as a whirlpool system. Accessories, such as trim kits, come separately and may be ordered after the product has been installed. They don't usually require professional installation.
Yes. AKER barrier-free showers and tub showers are engineered to make life easier for those with special needs. These products, designed for residential homes as well as medical facilities and hotels, feature easy access, optimal comfort and safety, and high functionality. Consult the Accessible and Code Compliant or Generation+ product category pages for more information on our barrier-free series.
There are two different ways on the website to locate the nearest authorized dealer that carries AKER products; either click on the “Where to Buy” link at the top of the page, or, if you are on a product page, you can click on the “Where to Buy” button (it is located in the first section of the product page) to find dealers who carry that specific product.
Being a manufacturer, we do not sell directly to the general public; however, we have many authorized dealers across the Eastern United States that carry the AKER brand.
There are three different places where you can find the serial number: on the product packaging, on the AKER Installation Questions sheet inside the packaging, or on the AKER logo label on the product itself.
Unfortunately, in order for us to be able to validate the warranty of a product, we absolutely require the serial number or receipt.
AKER no longer offers gelcoat products. AKER's built-to-last bathware products are made using AcrylX TM, an applied acrylic finish that offers a bright white look, and is easy to clean and repair.
AcrylX TM is a superior applied acrylic finish with a brilliant white and glossy luster. This enhanced finish provides an additional layer of durability, and a beautiful long lasting factory-new look. Products manufactured with AcrylX TM are backed by a lifetime warranty for residential owners and 30 year commercial warranty.


No. Massage systems are an option that must be installed during the manufacturing process.
Certain types of therapeutic products when added to bath water, or if applied non-diluted directly in the bath, may damage the unit finish. Test the product on a small inconspicuous surface prior to use.

Bathtub & Tub Shower Systems

It is recommended that you have independant electrical circuits for each option (ex: the pump, blower, water heater). AKER advises that the installation be done by a qualified electrician to ensure it adheres to the regulations in your area.
It is not possible to adjust the water temperature from a keypad function. The water heater option is independent from the water system massage, it will help maintain a stable water temperature but it will not increase it.

Shower Pans

No, THE FOAM SHOULD NEVER BE REMOVED from the shower pan. The foam is there to stabilize and support the base, and under no circumstances should it be removed.